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Monday 8 July 2024

Why Statutory Liquidity Ratio Matters for Banks and Economy

statutory liquidity ratio

Banks and financial institutions play a crucial role in driving the economy and maintaining its stability. One of the critical parameters that assists banks in achieving this objective is the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR).

Understanding the Statutory Liquidity Ratio

The Statutory Liquidity Ratio is a term often used in the context of banking, which regulates credit growth in the economy. It is the minimum percentage of deposits that a bank must maintain in the form of liquid assets, such as cash, gold, and unencumbered securities. These assets act as a buffer for banks in times of financial distress, empowering them to meet the sudden surge in withdrawal demand by depositors.

The Role of SLR in Economic Stability

The statutory liquidity ratio serves multiple purposes in drafting the economic trajectory of a nation. It is a protective measurement that ensures the solvency of banks and their ability to meet unexpected cash demand. Additionally, it aids in restraining banks from over-lending or over-exposure, thereby managing the expansion of bank credit effectively.

Impact of SLR on Money Supply

The SLR also significantly affects the money supply in the economy. A higher SLR restricts the amount a bank can lend, reducing the flow of money in the economy and, therefore, controlling inflation. Conversely, a lower SLR enables banks to lend more, enhancing the money supply, which can boost economic activity.


To conclude, the statutory liquidity ratio is a pivotal financial tool at the disposal of a nation's central bank to effectively manage and monitor banking operations. In essence, the SLR plays a crucial role in ensuring the financial stability of banks and serves as an effective instrument to control the economy's money supply. Its astute application can profoundly affect the economic vitality and thus the overall well-being of a nation.

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