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Tuesday 9 July 2024

User-Friendly Area Conversion Calculator for Real Estate Measurements

In real estate, area conversion is an important aspect for buyers, investors and even for developers. It is extremely essential to understand how to convert the area from one unit to another such as square metres, square feet, acres etc.

However, manual calculation can prove to be exhaustive and prone to errors. In such cases, using an area conversion calculator is the ideal choice. The blog highlights crucial details about this type of calculator. 

What is an area conversion calculator?

An area unit conversion calculator online tool helps user instantly convert from one area measurement unit to another. For instance, a land area measurement denoted in bigha or katas can easily be converted into square feet. 

Here one will simply have to select your input unit (i.e. the unit in which you have the existing area), the number of units and the output unit (i.e. the unit to which the area needs to be converted).

Conversion units for land measurement calculator

There are several land area conversion units which are widely used across India for measuring the areas of real estate properties in India:

  • Hector: 

Hector is one of the largest area conversion units and is usually used to measure the vast agricultural lands or forest lands. Moreover, it is also used to carry out surveying estate areas and town planning.

  • Acres: 

Acres is one of the most popular land area measurement units in India, it is mostly used to measure large areas of land be it for farmland or for estates. It is one of the oldest land area measurement units in the world and just like India, it is widely used in the United States of America and United Kingdoms.

  • Bigha: 

It is one of the traditional units of measurement mostly used in North Indian states. It is mostly used in Assam, West Bengal, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh etc.

  • Katha: 

Katha is also a traditional unit mostly used in eastern states like West Bengal and Bihar. Also, it does not have a standard size like in West Bengal 1 Katha = 720 sq. ft. and in Bihar 1 Katha = 1,361.25 sq. ft.

  • Square metres: 

It is a widely used area measurement unit which is used to determine comparatively larger two-dimensional areas such as floor area, ground area etc. It simply means one metre on each side and is denoted as sq. m. or sq. metre.

  • Square foot: 

In constructed real estate properties square foot is the most popular and widely used area measurement units in India. It is widely used not only in India but also in the United States, United Kingdom, Bangladesh, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore etc.

How to use an area conversion calculator?

Here are the step-by-step guides on how to use an online area conversion calculator:

Step 1: Choose the input unit of the existing area.

Step 2: Enter the number of units.

Step 3: Then Select the output unit in which the area needs to be converted.

Step 4: Click on calculate. 

Most calculators will show the results as soon as these details are filled. One can find these online area/ land measurement calculators on several lenders' websites. Knowing these data will also be beneficial to loan against property (LAP) borrowers as they can accurately estimate their loan eligibility.

People looking for an LAP or a home loan can also avail pre-approved offers extended by some top-rated borrowers. Existing customers can use this offer to speed up their loan approval process. All they will have to do is enter their name and contact details to check their offer. 

To sum up, an online area conversion calculator is an important tool to convert existing unit areas into the desired unit for better clarity. Some of the popular area measurement units include square feet, square metres, acres, bigha and katha. One can consider using an online area conversion calculator to determine their land area more conveniently.

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