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Friday 12 August 2022

Five Essential Things To Know About Used Car Loans

Many people prefer buying a used car for practicing purposes before going in for a brand-new car. However, before deciding on second-hand car investing, potential lenders must keep a few things in mind for a learned decision.

Buying a car is exciting, but borrowing a loan is trickier. Most people look for an emergency loan rather than paying cash for the vehicle if the vehicle is new or used. Borrowed loan accumulates interest over some time. Thus, it is vital to be aware before taking out a car loan. 

Here are five essential points to keep in mind before availing of a car loan.

The best interest rate

Ahead of getting used car loans, you first need to compare the interest rates offered by different banks or financial institutions. Even a minor difference of essential points in the interest rate can make a vast impact on the amount you repay to the lender. The rate of interest varies with different lenders. 

Most used car dealers have a tie-up with a lender; you can get assorted quotes on interest rates and other charges, which can help you, evaluate the deals available in the market for your expected car. Interest rates for used car loans are higher than for new vehicles, as the risk is higher with a used car. The financier views the business as slightly riskier.

Precise and complete documentation

Every lending institution gets the Know Your Customer (KYC) standards for granting loans. Specific documentation and your credit record need to be completed and verified to fulfil the approval of a used car loan. Before looking out for a car, getting a pre-approved loan offer from the lender of choice would be advisable, as it guarantees faster-used car loans processing. But a pre-approved loan offer works as an additional weight while negotiating with the car dealer. You may get more add-ons or lesser fees while finalizing the deal.

Loan repayment tenure 

The most important part of a pre-approved loan offers is the repayment term. It is wise to use an interest rate calculator for the total repayment and pick the minimum loan paying back tenure that helps you eventually save money.

Calculate your Loan EMI

Financial websites these days offer EMI calculators based on the interest rate to facilitate you to prepare for the monthly installment thus, you can settle on the best interest rate and emergency loan applicable for your car. 

For an informed decision, compare the processing fees of various lenders as they charge different fees and foreclosure rates. Likewise, you can also look into the service tax portion, whether a lump sum payment or paid every year. 

Schemes and offers

More or less, every bank or lender provides some attractive offers and deals for an emergency loans. Equipped with a sound credit profile, you might bag a customized bargain or even could get a zero percent finance scheme on your car loan amount.


A used car loan's interest rate depends on the vehicle’s condition and the applicant’s age.
It is better to be aware of the various factors influencing your chance of obtaining a car loan. Look out for the help of a loan officer or an allowed car dealer for advice, and do thorough research on the various options before you embark on a car loan.

When you avail a used car loan, you do not have to provide any collateral as the vehicle itself will be considered one. The car will be hypothecated to the bank and in case of any default in payments; the lender will seize the vehicle, and recover the outstanding loan amount.  

These are some critical factors of used car loans that a potential borrower must know. They need to read the terms and conditions before making a final borrowing decision.


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