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Friday 10 September 2021

Learn the Process to Get a Loan for a Pre-Owned Car


With pre-owned car loans, you don't have to keep dreaming of buying a car one day as you can fulfil your requirement even with a second-hand car. Also, it is pretty easy to get a pre-owned car loan at a competitive interest rate and you might also get a flexible tenure to repay the loan. Moreover, security or collateral is not required while applying for a second-hand car loan as the car itself is taken as security. However, the car must be in good condition as lenders might avoid giving loans for the cars that are too used or old. The process to apply for a pre owned car loan is stated below:

Step 1: Find a used car

First of all, you need to find a used car that meets your expectations in terms of condition, mileage, cost, etc. If all these things are in place, you can find a bank or financier who will provide a loan or financing options for buying it. 

Step 2: Apply online 

Most lenders provide an online application system these days. Therefore, you can apply for a second-hand car loan easily by filling the application form online. Documents like the registration certificate of the car, details of the previous owner, evaluation report, etc. may be required to process the loan without any issues. 

If you have applied for the loan offline, you may have to submit these documents by visiting the bank or finance firm or an executive may be sent to collect the documents from your home. 

Step 3: Loan approval 

If the lender finds your loan application and documents as suitable, the loan may be processed without any delay and the amount will be either paid to you or directly to the car dealer from where you are planning to purchase a used car. 

Many factors like the age of the used car, the number of people who used the car to date, whether the car is in a good or bad state, etc. are evaluated before processing the loan. 

In case you don’t find a loan for purchasing a used car at an interest rate that you were expecting, you can get an online personal loan. An online personal loan can be processed much faster because minimum documents will be required if you qualify for the loan. However, you must check personal loan eligibility before applying as lenders might offer these loans only to those who fulfil their eligibility terms and conditions. 

A low-interest personal loan can be easily availed without any issues if the lender finds your monthly income and credit score sufficient. If your income does not fall in the specified category or if your credit score is poor, you might have to find another lender or you may apply for an instant personal loan that may be granted without analyzing your credit score and income. 

To avoid wasting your time, you can check the pre-approved personal loan offers that some financiers might grant. It is a better option than applying directly, as you can verify your eligibility within minutes and you may find a low-interest personal loan that fits your requirements easily. Moreover, the chances of loan rejection get minimized as lenders provide pre-approved offers only after checking your credit profile thoroughly. 

For instance, you may visit the portal of Bajaj Finserv and check the pre-approved loan offers that you can get without going through a lengthy procedure. Details like email address, name, mobile number, etc. need to be provided after visiting the portal to find the customized loan offers as per your eligibility.

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