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Friday 3 June 2022

Simple Tips To Increase The Chances Of An NBFC Personal Loan Approval

NBFC personal loans could be used for any reason, such as home renovation, debt consolidation, international vacation, etc. These loans are usually unsecured. That means you don’t have to put any asset as a mortgage. This feature makes the loan an attractive financing option for customers. 

With the website of any trusted lender, you can get this loan. However, the risk is higher for lenders. Therefore, the interest rate on personal loans is also higher. Moreover, getting approval for an NBFC Personal loan can be difficult.

Here are some simple tips to increase the chances of getting approved:

  1. Check your credit score before you apply - Credit score is an essential parameter to determine your ability for loan repayment. Therefore a higher credit score takes you one step ahead to reach the loan. If you have a credit score above 750, it will be helpful to get approval easily. Upgrade your credit score by paying off your existing debt before approaching a lender.
  2. Do not make multiple loan applications - Individuals tend to apply to different lenders simultaneously to get approved by at least one. But this way, you make yourself seem desperate to get more than one loan. And lenders do not prefer such an applicant.
  3. Choose your lender carefully - Always research well and compare NBFC personal loans before choosing your lender. It is an essential factor. You may want to choose someone that allows loans to borrowers with poor credit scores. But you need to be careful in this case too. You must avoid payday and title loans. With ridiculously high fees, these loans will keep you in permanent debt. These loans are designed to do this. Avoid any scheme that seems too good to be true.
  4. Be careful of your debt-to-income ratio - Lenders check for whether you are spending more than 40% of your income on EMIs or not. This is a significant factor. And you should not spend that much on your EMIs. When your monthly earning is Rs. 30,000, you should not spend more than Rs. 12,000 on your EMIs. This means your debt-to-income ratio must stay very low. This means you should not unnecessarily borrow money.

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