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Monday 4 April 2022

Most Important Factors Which Affect Your Home Loan Interest Rates

home loan interest

The interest rate of a home loan plays a significant role in determining the total debt amount. Therefore, finding the most competitive home loan interest rate is essential, but it is not that easy. In this regard, one should know the pointers that affect the interest rate on this credit instrument and plan accordingly.

Factors that affect housing loan rates

  • To start with, not meeting the required home loan eligibility criteria is one of the main reasons that can affect your housing loan rates. Individuals who fulfil these parameters are regarded as responsible borrowers. Hence, they can negotiate a competitive rate, unlike others.

  • The next point that plays a part in deciding the interest rate on home loans is the total loan amount and repayment tenor. Individuals who opt for a small loan quantum and for a relatively short period stand a chance to secure better interest rates. The reason being they lower the lending risk of financiers.

  • Similarly, the down payment amount also plays a part here. Individuals who make higher down payments can negotiate competitive interest rates than others. In this regard, one can use home loan calculator to make a knowledgeable decision.

Apart from these, other factors like location and valuation of a property, type of interest rate, etc., also affect the prevailing rates on a home loan.

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