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Wednesday 19 January 2022

Know how to apply for loan against property

apply for loan against property

Do you want to apply for loan against property, and how to do it conveniently without wasting your time and effort? 

If yes, you don’t have to worry. It is because it is possible to apply for loan against property online (LAP loan). 

Most lenders let you apply for loan against property and offer a considerable amount at the lowest possible interest rate. 

Read on and know more!   

Here’s how you can apply for loan against property 

  1. Browse the website of the lender you want to apply for loan against property and access the online application form. 

  2. After you have opened the online loan against property application form, you need to enter a few details. It is mostly your income details so that the best deal could be offered to you by the lender. Some lenders may require more information, and all these may vary. 

  3. Hit the ‘Apply Loan Against Property’ button. 

  4. Now, you have to submit the form. Post this, an agent of your lender will get in touch with you to discuss the customized LAP offer with you. 

Applying for a loan against property is simple and less fussy. But you should also check your loan against property eligibility so that your application does not get rejected. 

Standard loan against property eligibility criteria at a glance 

  1. Your age should be between 28 and 58 years. 

  2. You should be employed with an MNC, Public and Private Limited Company. 

  3. You should be a resident of India and have a property in an area where your lender operates. 

Along with these, your CIBIL score should also be 750 or more; well-maintained property in a known location can also help you get the loan approval faster. 

Also, to arrive at your best loan against property, you should compare all available deals online at a third party portal and decide.  

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