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Wednesday 19 January 2022

10 better ways to avail of a Wedding Loan


A wedding loan is an option for couples who are planning their wedding. It is a type of personal loan. The loan is used to cover the cost of marriage with pre-approved vendors, or it can help them by providing some extra cash for other aspects of the wedding. 

Getting loan approval within a few minutes

Often, banks and lenders understand the rush of the wedding and approve your loan within a few minutes. 

Fast document verification

To apply for a wedding loan, you need to submit some documents. The documents are usually your ID proof and residential proof. Banks quickly verify the documents so that you can get the loan amount in your bank as soon as possible.

Minimum documents required

Some banks might demand a massive file of documents for the verification of your wedding loan. It can be a bummer for the couple and their families. Thus, it’s better to opt for the banks that require minimum verification documents. 

Getting a disbursal within a few hours

Disbursal means the process of transferring a person’s money. With wedding loans, you get the disbursal of your loan money within 24 hours*. 

Flexibility in repayment

The bank should offer flexible repayment procedures. The loan tenor repayment can be more than three years.

Flexibility in borrow

Check if your bank offers flexibility to its customers so that you can borrow money whenever you want. 

Get loans up to 25 lakh.

Indian weddings are known for their extravaganza and vibrancy. Thus it would help if you had a bank that could lend you a loan up to 25 lakhs. 

Offers that are pre-approved

From your bank, choose from pre-approved offers. 

Offers that are customised 

According to your needs and repayment capacity, the bank can make an offer.

Low interest for wedding loans

The interest for your wedding loans must be low. 


Wedding loans are taken to fund the expenses associated with a wedding. The interest rate and maximum loan amount will vary by bank and whether or not, you prefer a fixed or variable rate. 

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