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Monday 25 March 2019

Looking for a Business Loan in Anantapur

Anantapur, rich in mineral deposits, has attracted investments from many big companies, especially in the automobile and metal sector. Apart from big companies, there is also a Small Business loan in Anantapur who look for a loan for various purposes related to the running of their business.

Many Banking and NBFCs offer business loan and the features of the same are as follows:

These loans can be utilized for the investment in the infrastructure, upgrading plant and machinery, maintaining positive cash flow, working capital, etc.
You can withdraw your loan as and when you need and can also withdraw it in parts. You have the advantage of paying the interest only on the sum utilized. There are no prepayment charges. This helps in reducing your EMI by up to 45%. It also helps in conserving the cash and makes strategic investments.

You might get a loan up to Rs 30 lakhs and will help in meeting all your business needs

# It involves only minimal documentation and will be collected at your doorsteps
# This loan does not attract any collateral and approved within 24 hours
# All SMEs are qualified for this loan
# NBFCs also offer pre-approved business loan and you have to share only minimal details
# You can track your account online – repayment schedule, outstanding amount, interest rate, etc.
# Rate of interest – 18% and processing charges  - 2%
# If you are running a Small Business in Anantapur and in need of working capital, you can get in touch with any of the NBFCs who offer these loans with lesser interest and longer repayment tenure. 
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