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Thursday 21 March 2019

Financing Options to Manage Cancer Treatment Expenses

Mr. Sharma, a software engineer based in Indore, was in a financial fix a couple of months ago when his daughter was diagnosed with skin cancer and was undergoing treatment for the same. His savings fell short and he needed more money to pay the medical bills. Even after borrowing whatever was possible from his friends and relatives, he still needed 5-6 lacs more. It was then his wife suggested him a personal loan to manage cancer treatment. He immediately explored the internet for a suitable option, and thanks to his high borrowing eligibility, was approved within the next 48 hours. The funds were disbursed immediately after and he was able to pay the medical bills without any hassle.

Given the fact 11,20,000 people are diagnosed with cancer in India each year, the need for immediate and easily accessible financing option is quintessential. Hence, below are some of the best and immediately available financing options for cancer treatment expense management. 

1) Personal Loans: As already demonstrated how helpful are instant personal loans can be in the discussed situations, it undoubtedly is one of the best options. However, ensure high borrowing eligibility at all times to ensure approval when you need it the most. 

2) Medical Insurance: You can also invest in high coverage offering medical insurance schemes to cover the expenses. 

3) Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding, especially if you are economically deprived, can be a good option. There are many organizations such as Ketto and Milaap who work in these areas in India. You can approach them if you need help.

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