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Monday, 18 February 2019

What are the myths about business loans?

When searching about business loans online, you may come across the following myths. However, you need to consider availing a business loan only after proper business loan EMI calculator evaluation without believing any myths.

Myth 1: Getting a business loan is difficult

Acquiring a business loan is not a difficult task. You need to do certain diligent calculations before availing a business loan. By submitting the accurate eligibility documents, you can easily get a business loan from NBFCs. However, your business health and other factors will be considered when any financial institution provides you with a loan.

Myth 2: You need a perfect Credit Score for a Business Loan

A good CIBIL score is considered as one of the qualifying criteria for the business loan. But it is not necessary to have a perfect credit score. A number of other factors are also considered, such as years of operation, business health, etc., to avail you a good amount of business loan with lower business loan interest rates.

Myth 3: Only Bank Offers You Business Loan

This is not true, as banks follow a narrow product portfolio while taking your flexible credit requirements into consideration. Even Non-Banking Financial Companies offer you some unsecured business loans, which are very easy to acquire with minimal documentation and application procedure.

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