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Wednesday 7 February 2018

How to Get Benefitted From Equipment Financing

Be it a product-based business or a service-based business, the requirement of some kind of equipment is essential. Product-based business will require more equipment, whereas service-based business may require less. But, some form of equipment is mandatory and these equipment are pretty costly. You may have some huge savings to finance the purchase of such equipment, but in case you have a small business and do not have much money to finance them. Then what? What can be the ready solution for it? The solution is best business equipment financing. With such solution, you will be able to avoid any kind of disturbance in cash flow.

Equipment financing is the easiest way to finance the required equipment for your business. It is a loan that is offered to any businessman to purchase the equipment. Here, you need to keep the equipment as collateral with the lender for the entire loan tenor and once you repay the loan completely you own the equipment.

You will also know the options for equipment financing such as equipment loans and term loans. But, what is the difference between the two and what are the benefits you can enjoy?

Equipment loan is the basic loan that is applied by the small businesses to get 100% financing. It is a secured loan, thus collateral is required, and your equipment are kept as collateral to get the money.

But, term loan can be secured or unsecured loan as per your choice. In equipment loan, the loan tenor extends up to 10 years. A term loan is named so because it can be availed for a specific repayment term. This term loan can be availed with flexi loan facility where you can borrow the loan amount as per your requirement.

But, whatever option you select you have to remember that there are certain factors that affect your equipment financing. You need to focus on certain points like your credit score, business tenor, cash flow, amount requirement, repayment plan, etc.

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