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Wednesday 7 February 2018

Choose the Best NBFC for Home Loan

True, the Indian NBFCs offer better financial loan schemes, but in order to avail the best loan, you have to sign the deal with the right NBFC. Now, choosing the right NBFC is a difficult task, but not in case if you use these criterias to evaluate all your prospects and filter the best NBFC for your Home Loan.

Their Reputation: Reputation and certification are the two things that add up to the credibility of an NBFC. It takes a lot of years and good service to build a reputation. So, if an NBFC has a reputation in the finance sector, you can rely on them. Name like Bajaj Finserv is one of the reputed NBFCs you can try.

Interest Rate: Every NBFC will offer a different interest rate to stand taller than their competitors. You might have a chance of getting an unexpected deal if you do your research properly. So, keep an eye on the interest rate the NBFC is offering on a Home Loan.

Flexibility: Maybe not all but some NBFCs offer their customers with repayment and tenor flexibility option. With flexible tenor and repayment benefit, you can customize your loan according to your need and make it smoother.

Customer Service: Every NBFC will try to be a step ahead of its competitor in order to be the top choice of the prospective customer. Thus, other than offering competitive rates, they may offer additional services like online application, doorstep services, document pickup, faster approval etc. You can leverage the available benefits to make your life more convenient.

Remember the above mentioned things and pick the right NBFC for your Home Loan.

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