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Friday 15 July 2016

All you need to know about Personal Loan Interest Rates in India

Personal loan provides quick and easy monetary aids in simple words it is a big financial help in the situations when don’t get any economic help from your friends and family members. Although the interest rate of personal loan is higher than any other secured loans but it is quite easy to take the personal loan comparatively. 

When you apply for the personal loan in any Bank or NBFC then they don’t ask for any kind of collateral or security. This is the reason why personal loan is termed as boon in case of any financial crisis. The interest rate of Banks or NBFCs differs from each other and there are some factors that determine your interest rate i.e. Source of income you have, CIBIL Score, Employee recognition, past history with Bank and your negotiation quality. 

These are the factors that majorly affect the interest rate of personal loan. Hence, one should wisely check all the criterion and compare the individual interest rate of respective financial institutions before taking a decision. 
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