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Thursday 7 January 2016

Buy the Best Washing Machine without Washing Away Your Finances

With the skyrocketing cost of home appliances, paying a lump sum amount for a new washing machine can be difficult. That’s where the EMI Card from Bajaj Finserv can assist you. Using this card, you can buy the washing machine of your choice without paying the entire amount at the same time. Want to know more about this amazing product? Read on.

Why Buy A Washing Machine On EMI?
A washing machine is one of the basic necessities of a household, and without it, you’re going to have to put in a lot of work to sort out your dirty laundry. However, this appliance often carries a hefty price tag. By using your debit card, you’ll lose a large part of your bankroll, leaving you on a tight budget for the rest of the month. Use your credit card, and you’ll have to repay the purchase cost with a high rate of interest.

If you’ve got an EMI Card with you, paying for your lifestyle purchase becomes easy. All you have to do is visit a store that’s affiliated with Bajaj Finserv, swipe your card, and walk away with a brand new washing machine. If that sounds like too much work, you could even buy washing machine online on EMI.
Easy Shopping
The EMI Card makes shopping for home appliances a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about a massive chunk of your income disappearing with a single purchase. The card acts as a pre-approved loan, and all you have to do is buy what you need and repay the entire amount by splitting it into smaller sums over the next couple of months. This way, you’ll have enough money left to use throughout the year, and won’t have to deal with financial constraints.
When you sign up for an EMI Card, you’re also automatically enrolled in the EMI Rewards Programme. Being a member of this programme makes you eligible for numerous offers made by the retail stores partnering with Bajaj Finserv. This also means that you’ll receive reward points every time you make a purchase using your EMI Card. Save up enough points, and you can enjoy the pleasure of availing a number of attractive discounts from the stores you visit.
Convenience with a Card

Visit the Bajaj Finserv website and order your very own EMI Card, and you will receive it within a week. It’s as simple as that. A washing machine is one of the best assets that you’ll ever invest in. So don’t compromise on quality; pick the one that’s best for you with the EMI Card without worrying about the finances.

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