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Tuesday 7 May 2024

Download Your E-Aadhaar Easily: A Step-By-Step Guide

 In today’s digital world, everything is just a click away. Your identification proofs are not an exception. e-Aadhaar is an electronic version of your Aadhaar card, which is acceptable as valid proof of identity and address, anywhere in India. With this article, we will simplify the process of how to download the e-Aadhaar and also shed some light on how you can change the date of birth in your Aadhaar card.

Download Your e-Aadhaar: 

Step 1: Initial Steps

The first step involves visiting the official UIDAI website. On the homepage, under the 'My Aadhaar' option from the dropdown menu, select 'Download Aadhaar'.

Step 2: Input Relevant Details

Now enter your 12-digit unique Aadhaar number. If you do not have the Aadhaar number handy, you can also use your 14-digit Enrolment ID or the 16-digit Virtual ID. Make sure to check the 'I want a masked Aadhaar' option if you want to download a masked Aadhaar.

Step 3: Solve the Captcha

After entering the requisite details, you need to solve a simple captcha for security purposes. 

Step 4: OTP Generation

Click on the 'Send OTP' button to receive a One-Time Password on your registered mobile number. Alternatively, if you have the m-Aadhaar app, you can choose the 'Enter a TOTP' option.

Step 5: Input OTP

On entering the OTP, click on the 'Verify And Download' button to download your e-Aadhaar. 

This easy-to-follow process makes it uncomplicated for anyone wondering how to download e Aadhaar. 

Change Date of Birth in Aadhaar Card:

In case there are any errors, or if you need to update certain details like your date of birth on your Aadhaar card, follow this quick process on how can i change date of birth in aadhar card:

Step 1: Visit Website 

Go to the official UIDAI website. From the 'My Aadhaar' dropdown menu, select the 'Update Your Aadhaar' option.

Step 2: Select Category 

Next, click on the 'Update Demographics Data Online' under 'Update Your Aadhaar'.

Step 3: Aadhaar Card Login

Now, enter your Aadhaar number and captcha verification. Click 'Send OTP' or 'Enter a TOTP' as per your convenience.

Step 4: Data Update Request

After logging in, click 'Update Demographics Data', then go to the 'DOB' section.

Step 5: Updating Date of Birth

Enter the correct date of birth. Upload the supporting POI (Proof of Identity) documents that mention your date of birth.

Step 6: Online Payment

You’ll need to pay a minimal fee to update your details. Payment can be made through a debit/credit card, UPI, or net banking.

Step 7: Tracking Status

After your request is submitted, you will receive an Update Request Number (URN). You can track the status of your application using this URN.

Please note, the date of birth can be updated only once on the Aadhaar card and your request for a change should be supported by valid POI documents. 

In conclusion, the digital mode has greatly simplified the process of how to download e Aadhaar and how to change the date of birth in the Aadhaar card. UIDAI allows you to manage and update your Aadhaar from the comfort of your home. It’s easy, convenient, safe, and eco-friendly. However, while the e-Aadhaar can be downloaded infinite times, changes to demographic data can be made only sparingly so ensure to review your details carefully before submitting. 

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