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Tuesday 16 April 2024

Find All the Information You Need with IGRS Odisha Guide

IGRS Odisha Guide

The Indian state of Odisha has made tremendous progress in the field of digitization, and this has brought immense benefits for the state's real estate sector. The latest development that has come up in this regard is the implementation of the IGRS (Integrated Grievance Redressal System) Odisha Guide for homebuyers. This online platform is aimed at providing easy and convenient access to all relevant information related to land registration, property valuation, and land records, among others, for prospective homebuyers in the state.

Services Offered

The IGRS Odisha Guide offers a wide range of services for homebuyers, including online property registration, mutation, and transfer of properties. It also provides assistance regarding payment of stamp duty and registration fees, which are crucial mandatory requirements during the property buying process. This platform is user-friendly in nature and can be accessed from the comfort of home or office using a computer or smartphone.

Accessing the Guide

To access the IGRS Odisha Guide, one can visit the official website of the registration and stamp department of the Odisha government. Here, all relevant information and links related to land registration and property buying can be found. Additionally, there are several other online portals and platforms that provide useful information about the IGRS Odisha Guide and its implementation in the state.


In conclusion, the IGRS Odisha Guide is a landmark initiative by the Odisha government, aimed at simplifying the property buying process and providing easy access to essential information for homebuyers. With the digitization of land records and property transactions, the state is expected to witness increased transparency, efficiency, and convenience in its real estate sector. Homebuyers can take advantage of this platform and make informed decisions regarding their property investments in the state.

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