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Friday 3 February 2023

What Are The Documents Required For Gold Loan In India?

The following are the document required for gold loan:

  • When applying for a loan, it's important to provide a thorough justification for why you need the money. All information provided here must be correct and in accordance with the specifications.

  • Make a Promising Demand A note and accept delivery letter is a promissory note that obligates the borrower to pay the lender a certain sum of money on a certain date or immediately if the borrower defaults on the note.

  • Borrower's Acknowledgment and Declarations, as well as any Other Documents Specified by the Company, are Included in this Terms and Conditions Letter.

  • Applicant permission to get Aadhaar details for authentication with UIDAI during the 'eKYC' process.

  • If you are asked for identification, you can use any of the following: A photo ID issued by a government agency, PSU, or nationalized bank, such as a passport, PAN card, driver's license, voter ID card, ration card, Aadhar card, etc.

  • Any government-issued ID, utility bill, bank statement, Aadhar card, or passport that includes the customer's current address is acceptable as proof of residence.

No additional evidence of residence is needed if any of the identity documents required for gold loan presented also include the applicant's address.

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