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Thursday 10 November 2022

Why Investing In Digital Gold Is A Secure Gifting Option This Wedding Season

This wedding season, why not ditch the traditional gifts and opt for something a little more unique? Something like Digital Gold. While it may seem like a strange gift at first, there are many reasons why digital gold is a secure and wise investment and gifting option. 

From its portability to its safety from inflation, digital gold makes for an excellent gift that will keep on giving long life after the wedding is done. 

This blog post will examine why digital gold is an excellent option for gifting this wedding season.  

Unlike gold jewelry, digital gold doesn't incur making charges. It's a dynamic investment and gifting instrument that is completely liquid. One can gift this gold at any time without incurring any transaction or exit charges, unlike gold jewelry. Investors can liquidate their investments any time they wish by clicking on a button by real-time rates, 24x7.

Why is Digital Gold the best option for a wedding gift than any other?

Digital gold is the new way to gift gold. It is convenient, safe, and secure. With Digital Gold, you can purchase and store gold in an account with platforms like eSwarna, which is transparent and trusted. Once the quantity is selected, gold is then transferred into electronic form and stored in your account. You can buy, sell, or trade your digital gold anytime, anywhere.

There are many benefits of giving digital gold as a wedding gift. Here are some of the reasons why digital gold is the best option for weddings gifts:

1. Digital gold is convenient:

With digital gold, there is no need to transport or store the gold physically. You only need an internet connection and can purchase and store your digital gold in a secure online account.

2. Is safe & secure:

With digital gold, your gifts are protected from theft and fraud. In some cases, the account is also insured against loss or damage.

3. Has flexibility:

You can buy, sell or trade your digital gold anytime, anywhere. You are not limited by location when it comes to gifting digital gold.

4. Is Affordable: 

You can purchase digital gold in any amount, making it an affordable option for gifting.

5. eSwarna keeps it confidential & private: 

Your transactions are confidential, and your personal information is protected.

Benefits of Buying and Gifting Digital Gold

When it comes to gifting gold, buying digital gold is a secure option with several benefits.

For one, you can purchase and gift digital gold anonymously without having to provide any personal information. 

Additionally, digital gold is stored securely in a tamper-proof system, making it ideal for gifting purposes.

Buying digital gold guarantees to receive the full value of your investments, as there are no third-party fees associated with this type of transaction.

Here's why investing in digital gold is a smart and secure gifting option for weddings:

1. Digital gold is a safe investment.

When you invest in digital gold, you're investing in a precious metal that has a long history of retaining its value. Gold is a safe haven asset, which means it tends to hold its value during times of economic turmoil. This makes it an ideal gift for couples who are starting their lives together during uncertain times.

2. Digital gold is easy to gift.

Investing in digital gold is simple and straightforward. You can purchase digital gold online or through a mobile app and then send it directly to the couple's digital wallet (or have it delivered physically). This makes gifting digital gold a convenient and hassle-free process.

3. Digital gold is unique.

Giving the gift of digital gold shows that you've put thought into the present. It's a unique gift that the couple is unlikely to receive from anyone else.  

Taxes on Digital Gold Gift:

When it comes to gifting gold, the options are endless. But what about the taxes?

Just like with physical gold, there are taxes on digital gold gifts. The tax rate will vary depending on the value of the gold and where it was purchased. For example, if you purchase digital gold from an online dealer, you may be subject to a sales tax.

When it comes to gifting digital gold, it is essential to do your research to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible. Be sure to compare prices and tax rates before making your purchase.

The Bottom Line:

For wedding gifts, there is a wide range of options to choose from. But not all gifts are created equal. Some gifts may be more appreciated than others, and some may even be more secure.

Digital gold is one such gift. It's a secure investment that can be gifted quickly and efficiently. And best of all, it's a unique gift that the couple will surely appreciate. One can also start SIP in Gold if he/she is looking for long term investment.

By buying digital gold from eSwarna, customers do not incur any making charges when purchasing digital gold because the rates are directly linked to international markets and are not affected by local markets or geopolitical factors.The pricing is dynamic and is at real-time market rates. Like most financial investments, gold's true value is realized over time, so looking at its buy or sell rate in a small window is contrary to conventional market wisdom.

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