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Friday 23 September 2022

How Can the Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan Calculator Help in Budget Planning?

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Purchasing a house is one of the top financial goals for many Indians. However, due to high real estate prices, it turns out challenging for most citizens to purchase a home out of their pocket. Hence, a housing loan is a practical choice for many to buy their ideal house. 

However, availing a home loan necessitates a significant shift in the spending strategy to pay the home loan EMIs. As a result, a housing loan must be affordable as well as appropriate for you. It’s here that a reliable home loan EMI calculator comes to the rescue to help figure out the EMIs you’d have to pay every month to repay your housing loan in a specific period, say, financial specialists.


Talking about what a home loan EMI calculator does, financial experts further add that, online tools like a home loan EMI calculator and home loan eligibility calculator help you calculate the monthly housing loan EMIs and assess your home loan eligibility. The user-friendly design of these tools enables you to toggle between the selected home loan interest rate, principal loan amount, and loan tenor, offering you various repayment options based on individual preferences. Let us now look at how the Bajaj Housing Finance home loan calculator can help in budget planning. Read on.


It Aids in Picking a Suitable Home Loan Tenor

The tenor of a home loan is critical in determining the monthly installment amount. Your home loan EMI would be lower if you opt for a longer tenor, while a comparatively shorter term will result in larger EMIs. Hence, choose a loan tenor that makes EMIs manageable based on your spending and current income. You can find a suitable home loan tenor with the Bajaj Housing Finance home loan calculator.

It Simplifies Prepayment Planning for the Home Loan

Having a fair idea of the expected EMI outgo makes planning for a home loan prepayment seamless. This can reduce your home loan interest payment and hasten debt repayment. For instance, if you’re aware of your EMIs ahead of your time, you may arrange part prepayments and accordingly plan the timing of the investments.

It Helps Select the Right Housing Loan Lender and Appropriate Home Loan Amount

With various lenders offering easy home loans, it becomes tedious to choose the most suitable one. In this case, you can use the EMI calculator to analyze the total cost of various loans and decide which offers the most optimum value for money.

Additionally, it’s wise to avail of a loan amount that you can repay comfortably without placing further strain on finances. Hence, you can use a home loan EMI calculator to have a fairer idea of how much home loan amount you can afford. This will make repayment easier and lower the chances of defaults.

It Is Easy to Use

There are no complicated calculations involved in the use of a home loan calculator. All you need to do is enter the housing loan principal amount, home loan interest rate, and term, and in seconds, accurate computation of EMIs will appear on the computer screen.

A home loan calculator is one of the most priceless tools that make the procedure of availing of and repaying a loan convenient. So, calculate home loan EMIs and apply for a home loan today to purchase the house of your dreams. However, research on the lender before applying for a home loan in India to avoid inconveniences later on, and recommend financial specialists.

Concluding Thoughts

A home loan calculator that offers all the benefits mentioned above is the Bajaj Housing Finance home loan calculator. It is available 24x7 and for free. You can adjust your home loan principal, and tenor, to get an EMI figure you are most comfortable with. Once you have that number handy, you can plan ahead and wisely to save up for the additional payments involved in the home loan process.

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