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Thursday 18 August 2022

Four Important Tips To Improve CIBIL Score For A Home Loan Immediately

how to check CIBIL score

Among multiple factors determining a home loan eligibility, credit score plays a significant role in getting a preferred loan at the best interest rate. A CIBIL score above 750 ensures favourable loan terms and prompt loan processing. However, if borrowers do not have a standard score, they can improve CIBIL score with some of the effective tips.

Top 4 tips to improve CIBIL score for a home loan

Here are some of the simple ways to improve credit score for home loan immediately:

Tip 1: Pay off existing debts and bills

Paying off existing loans and credit card bills on time can significantly boost one’s credit score. Not paying them on time can lead to late payment charges, thereby leading to an accumulation of interest and taxes added to the next billing cycle. Therefore, paying dues on time prevents form significant rise in interest component and boosts the CIBIL score.

Tip 2: Keep tabs on a credit report

Keeping a check on the credit score and report periodically will allow individuals to determine errors or inconsistencies if any. If borrowers want to know how to check CIBIL score for free, they can visit the leading financial institution’s website and check their score and report conveniently.

Tip 3: Avoid multiple loan applications in a short time

If borrowers apply for too many credit enquiries in a short span, it can turn down their credit score. It indicates the borrower is hungry for credit and applying for multiple loans. However, it is wise to take one loan at a time and repay it successfully, thereby boosting the credit score.

Tip 4: Apply for different types of credits

Borrowers can apply for different types of credits involving secured and unsecured, which will diversify their portfolio and improve credit scores. This will allow borrowers to improve their chances of obtaining a higher loan amount at the lowest home loan interest rate when applying.

To conclude, prospective borrowers can improve CIBIL score by following the aforementioned tips and improve their chances of availing of preferred loan amount at a competitive interest rate in the future.

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