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Tuesday 19 July 2022

How is a Gold Loan More Advantageous Than Other Secured Loans?

Gold loans are secured loans where the borrower offers their gold jewellery as collateral to the lender. The advantage of a gold loan over other secured loans is that the interest rates are usually lower, and the processing time is faster. 

In addition, borrowers can continue using their jewellery even after taking out the instant gold loan. The gold loan has many benefits for many people. Gold loan for farmers is also very beneficial as farmers with little or no formal education can easily qualify for a gold loan.

5 reasons why the gold loan is more advantageous than other secured loans

  1. Gold loan offers a lower interest rate than other secured loans. As a result, it makes a gold loan more affordable and easier to repay.
  2. Gold loan provides instant cash, which can be helpful in times of emergency. Other secured loans may take several days or weeks to disburse the loan amount.
  3. Gold loan does not require any collateral or security. However, other secured loans may require the borrower to pledge their home, car or other assets as collateral.
  4. Gold loan offers a flexible repayment tenure. The borrower can choose to repay the loan in EMIs over a period that suits their budget and convenience.
  5. Gold loan is a hassle-free process. The documentation required is minimal, and the loan can be approved quickly. Other secured loans may involve a lengthy and complicated application process.

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Why do farmers prefer gold loans over secured loans?

Gold loans for farmers is very beneficial because:

  • - Gold loans offer flexible repayment options. Depending on their cash flow situation, farmers  can choose to repay their loans in instalments or lump sums.
  • - Gold loans can be used for various purposes, including working capital needs, farm equipment purchases, and crop financing.

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