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Friday 17 June 2022

Check Your Bajaj Personal Loan Statement And Know How To View And Download

You should keep track of all the transactions you make to pay back your loan. A personal loan statement is issued by the bank, where you can find information about the loan you have taken and the transactions you have performed.

Features you can find in a personal loan statement 

  1. You can view all the details of the personal loan scheme you have opted for in one place.
  2. It lets you know how much you have borrowed, the repayment period, how the interest is calculated, etc.
  3. The last date for the next payment of the EMI, the amount you have to pay, and the last EMI payment date can also be found.
  4. An EMI history can be viewed, showing the amount of EMIs you have paid so far. The statement will reflect missed payments on your unsecured loans
  5. In case you delay making your EMI payment, any interest that has been levied will also be shown on the statement.
  6. If you have partially repaid your loan, the payment is reflected in your bank statement.
  7. Any remaining balance on the loan will show up in the personal loan statement after EMI payments are completed. This amount is determined by the date you began repaying the loan. The loan balance will decrease over time as you pay the EMIs and is something you can check with a personal loan eligibility calculator. 
  8. You can determine the statement number from the very beginning of the loan by looking at the statement number. We will continue to update your statement since the beginning of your loan. You can receive your statements physically or by e-mail. 

How to find your personal loan statement 

Registering on the official mobile app

Mobile banking is available through the bank's app for smartphones. You can access loans by logging in with your login credentials. Additionally, you can view the loan/is availed by your details and your personal loan statement. Keeping track of your ongoing loan details could help you to improve personal loan eligibility. 

Registering on the official website 

A bank's website is available on its official website. Within the 'products' section, you can view the loan. Click on the personal loan link under loans, which will take you to a new page. If you click ‘Login’, you will be able to view your personal loan statement using your login credentials.

Customer care 

A bank representative can also help you with online access to your personal loan statements if you contact the bank's customer service department.


Ask the bank to send you an electronic statement of your personal loan by e-mailing the bank's e-mail address. E-statements are sent to your e-mail address by the bank. Your e-mail ID will be used if you use the net banking or mobile service. You will receive an e-statement when you provide it.


  1. For more information about your personal loan application status, visit the bank's branch.
  2. Contact an executive at the bank and give them your personal loan application with all the necessary details when you visit the bank.
  3. The executive will use your details to check your personal loan status.

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