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Thursday 12 May 2022

Know Scheme and Benefits of Gold Loan for Women

 Women are a big market these days. From salons to beauty creams to NBFCs, everyone wants to grab of the piece of ‘women's independence. This is natural, as more women step out of their homes, get jobs and spend like their male counterparts. This is where we come to the concept of women's financing. 

Several banks and non-banking financial institutes are in the business of disbursing gold loans. In recent times, financial sectors have come up with a special scheme for a gold loan for women. This is to help the women of the country to establish themselves, with some quick cash, when they need it. Another commercial objective is to find a new market and cash in on the growth opportunities provided for women, in today’s ‘relatively just’ society. This helps many women find a footing in a male-dominated society. It also helps establish new industries and jobs in the country.

It’s no secret that Indian women have a lot of gold stored in their homes or bank lockers. These women can avail of this gold while seeking a loan, for which the gold will be deposited as collateral. You will be able to avail of a significant amount of money by opting for a gold loan.

Before you apply for a gold loan that has special benefits for women, you need to know about the various schemes, which are available.

The scheme of a gold loan for Women

Various companies offer a low rate of interest on gold loan for women than the rate of interest offered to men. This helps the women to achieve a gold loan more easily. The main aim of this gold loan is to wean off the women from their dependency on their local money lenders. 

The benefits of a gold loan for Women

The main benefit of this loan is to help women become more financially stable and independent from debts. The reason for availing of the loan may range from paying former debts to marriage and from leisure travel to setting up your own business. 

Women not only play an important role in households but also in the economic growth of society. Hence, it is essential to help women with their financial needs to facilitate their growth in society. You can also apply for the Mahila gold loan scheme from Bajaj Finserv for assured benefits. Relying on a reputed company also allows you to have peace of mind, as well as gives you the benefits of getting the best interest rate.

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