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Tuesday 26 April 2022

Five Benefits of Using an EMI Calculator You Must Know

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After obtaining a home loan, a borrower is liable to repay the amount through monthly instalments. Therefore, the affordability of such credit options entirely depends on the EMIs. Individuals can use an online home loan EMI calculator to ensure more affordability. This online tool helps determine EMIs beforehand and leads borrowers to make an informed decision.

Five benefits of using an EMI calculator

Whether a borrower avails of a home loan or any other credit facility, one needs to be mindful of the monthly instalments to be paid throughout the tenor. By using this calculator, one can determine the EMIs, interest outgo, and the overall borrowing cost within a few steps. 

Following are the benefits of a home loan EMI calculator that will allow borrowers to know about their repayment capacity before applying for the credit:

  • Simple calculation

To do the evaluation of EMIs, individuals need to input the home loan amount, tenor and interest rate in the online calculator. By entering these determinants, the results will be displayed by the calculator quickly.

  • Appropriate results

Usually, manual calculations can often lead to erroneous results. This calculator leaves no errors as the machine performs the total calculation. Resultantly, borrowers can completely trust the results.

  • Helps in loan management

When thinking to apply for home loan, individuals can use this calculator to create a proper repayment strategy. In addition, this tool offers a detailed look at such credit facilities- interest outgo, monthly instalment, and overall payable amount within a few steps. Since home loans are long-term financial obligations, a comprehensive insight into such details will help borrowers plan their finances effectively in the long run.

  • Planning prepayments

Knowing about EMIs beforehand allows borrowers to proceed with the prepayment planning. For instance, by learning about EMIs beforehand, one can conveniently facilitate substantial monthly savings and make part prepayments.

  • Helps in comparing loan offers

A borrower can use an online EMI calculator to compare interest rates offered by several financial institutions. Since the result displays the total payable amount along with EMIs, customers can quickly determine which financial institution offers the lowest home loan interest rate and offers that meets their financial requisites.

Apart from these, borrowers can also save considerably on the EMIs by choosing a balance transfer facility. Leading lenders also offer top-up facilities when availing of a balance transfer option.

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Therefore, it is evident that effective repayment planning and comparison of lenders are crucial for loan management. In this regard, an online home loan EMI calculator is an essential financial tool that facilitates hassle-free borrowing.

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