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Friday 4 February 2022

All you need to know about Padho Pardesh scheme process

The Government of India launched the Padho Pardesh as a scheme for educational financial assistance of students belonging to the minority community. It primarily aids these students through subsidised education loans for completing higher education in a foreign land and is easy to avail. The Padho Pardesh scheme process is easy and quick to complete. 

Eligible candidates need to complete the following steps to apply for benefits under the education loan scheme:

  1. Choose a suitable financial institution providing education loan.

  2. Apply with the lender for the financing through an application form fill-up.

  3. Complete the Padho Pardesh scheme process online through personal and educational details submission.

Once applied, the application will be assessed, and if qualifying, the subsidy will be approved.

Now that you know what is Padho Pardesh scheme, it is quite clear that the benefits are not available for all students aspiring for higher education abroad. As such education can be quite costly too, it is only prudent to look for an alternative financing option that can meet such funding need.

Financial institutions thus provide loan against property for education, which serves as a suitable funding alternative for financing. It is a secured loan and is available against a residential or commercial property mortgage. Parents of such students seeking to avail this loan must consider the applicable loan against property interest rates to ensure affordability. As secured financing, a loan against property is available at affordable rates from reputed lending institutions.

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