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Wednesday 12 January 2022

Grab the Opportunity of Lowest Home Loan Interest Rate from Bajaj Housing Finance

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Eleven days into the new year and aspiring home buyers and home loan applicants already have plenty to be happy about. As the festive season lingers on, many leading lenders continue to offer attractive home loan offers and discounts, spoiling borrowers for choice. 

One such lender is the market giant Bajaj Housing Finance, which has announced an interest rate reduction to 6.65%* p.a. as a part of its brand-new festive offering. Not just that, but applicants can also enjoy the benefit of linking their home loan interest rates to the RBI Repo Rate and advantage from favourable market conditions – an industry-first initiative by the HFC. 

In this article, we walk you through the lender’s easy to meet eligibility criteria and their other conditions, so you can enhance your chances of being approved for the lowest home loan interest rate from Bajaj Housing Finance before the festive season ends. 

3 Things to keep in mind to Secure a Low Interest Rate Home Loan

Before you approach the lender with your home loan application, take a beat to see if you can meet their easy eligibility criteria and qualify for the best they have to offer. This not only ensures that you don’t make futile loan applications that may negatively impact your CIBIL score, but will also help you gauge how well your financial profile scores against standard eligibility asks, and what more you can do to maximise your chances of swift home loan approval. 

Have a look at Bajaj Housing Finance’s easy to meet eligibility criteria and make a note of everything you need to do to further your home loan application. 

1. Both Salaried and Professional Individuals Eligible 

Bajaj Housing Finance extends its festive offer to both salaried and professional individuals with required work experience and tenure. Salaried applicants must be employed with a public or private sector company, or even a multinational organization with a minimum tenure of 3 years. Doctors with an MBBS or a higher qualification must have a 3-year minimum post-qualification experience, with either a hospital, their own practice, or a registered healthcare provider to be eligible. Chartered Accountants with a valid Certificate of Practice along with the mandated 3 years of post-qualification experience may also apply. 

2. A CIBIL Score of 800+ Encouraged 

An individual’s CIBIL score is indicative of their credit history, repayment track records, their income, and their holistic financial standing – everything that a prospective lender evaluates before offering low interest home loans to them. To be eligible for Bajaj Housing Finance’s festive offer, applicants are required to have a CIBIL score of 800 or higher. Such a score speaks to your financial and credit discipline and enhances your chances of being approved for a home loan that starts as low as 6.65%* p.a. 

That being said, applicants whose CIBIL scores fall within the range of 750 to 799 are also eligible of competitive home loan interest rate from the lender, which are just marginally higher than 6.65% p.a.

3. Digital Application Mandatory 

In a bid to support and campaign end to end digitization of the home loan application process, the lender’s festive offer is valid for only those who apply through the official Bajaj Housing Finance website. Interested applicants must make their applications before 26 January 2022 to be considered, and only loans that are disbursed till 25 February 2022 will be eligible. 

Use a Home Loan Calculator to Speed Up Your Application Process 

Like all good and exciting things, this offer too has a deadline and in order to beat the festive rush, you should get a jump on your application. To save time in the preliminary stages of your application, you can consider using the Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan Calculator to help you gauge your home loan eligibility. 

This calculator is a free, easy to use, online tool at your disposal that brings you a detailed analysis of your possible repayment trajectory.  It allows you to adjust your loan amount, loan tenor, and interest rate to help you forecast a tentative EMI schedule. Doing this before you approach a lender gives you an insight into the feasibility of your home loan ask. Not just that, but using a reliable online tool eliminates the room for human errors and will give results that are closest to actuality.

Closing Words

Now that you have all the information you need to apply for this festive offer, press down on the accelerator and make your home loan application today. The Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan is unmatched in various aspects, including its competitive interest rates and affordability. Eligible applicants can get a loan amount of Rs.5 crore* and even more and repay the amount comfortably over a tenor of 30 years - without compromising their future financial goals.

*Terms and conditions apply. For a complete list of terms and conditions, visit the lender’s official website.

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