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Monday 24 January 2022

Bajaj Housing Finance cuts home loan rates to 8.30%*: Things to know

Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan

As January nears its end, one of the most anticipated home loan offers of the year too comes close to its expiration – which is, once we walk you through the details of this offer, you suggest you waste no time in applying for it. Following the success of the Diwali festive offers, home loan lenders continue to make offers that make the cost of borrowing affordable and the prospect lucrative.

Reputed home loan lenders such as Bajaj Housing Finance Limited have announced a reduction in home loan interest rates, now starting at 6.65%* for eligible applicants. Not just that, but the lender also allows borrowers to link their home loan interest to an external benchmark, such as the RBI Repo Rate, which helps borrows benefit directly in the advent of a possible rate cut in the future – ensuring transparency. 

Meeting the eligibility criteria for this offer is easy and simple, and once you meet them – you can make the most out of the limited period offer before time runs out on it. 

Meet the Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan Eligibility Criteria 

As you gear up to make your home loan application, we recommend taking a moment to evaluate your application to see how well it matches up against your lender’s home loan eligibility criteria. The home loan eligibility criteria are a set of basic parameters that applicants must meet, to be able to avail of a loan that meets their financial needs – without seeming like a high-risk home loan applicant. 

Have a look at Bajaj Housing Finance’s easy to meet eligibility criteria and make a note of everything you need to do to further your home loan application. 

  1. Both Salaried & Professionals May Apply

The Bajaj Housing Finance Low Interest Home Loan is open to both salaried and professional applicants, who are interested in seeking the lender’s limited period offer. Salaried applicants must be employed with a public, private, or multinational enterprise with a work experience that covers at least 3 years. Similarly, professional applicants such as doctors and CAs, along with having a valid Certificate of Practice, must also have a work experience of three years. 

  1. CIBIL Score of 800 and Higher 

Applicants who would like to apply for the Bajaj Housing Finance Low Interest Rate Home Loans must have a CIBIL score of 800 or higher. A high score like this means that you can be approved for a higher loan amount and enhances your chances of being approved for a home loan that starts as low as 6.65%* p.a. The higher the CIBIL score, the better are your chances of being approved for a sizeable loan amount with a low home loan interest rate. 

  1. Offer Valid Only on Digital Applications

The lender allows you to retain full control over your home loan application process, by ensuring that you apply online through their official website to gain access to the limited period offer. The whole process takes no more than just 3 steps, after which you also receive a digital sanction letter from the lender.

Interested applicants must ensure that they get their home loan application in before 26 January 2022 to be eligible. They must also note that the offer is applicable only on loan amounts disbursed by 25 February 2022.

Use the Home Loan Eligibility Calculator to Enhance Your Home Loan Application 

If you’re interested in applying for the limited period offer by Bajaj Housing Finance Limited, you must hurry as the offer closes soon. We recommend you start your application process with the lender’s home loan eligibility calculator – to evaluate your borrowing and repayment capacity and tailor application to match the lender’s eligibility criteria. 

Your desired home loan requirement may not necessarily meet your financial standing in your present circumstances, and by using a calculator – you eliminate the chances of being rejected by the lender. The house loan calculator allows you assess your own financials, and then draws up the right loan amount, repayment tenor and even a tentative EMI forecast based on the information you input. 

This tool is speedy and handy, saving you both and energy as you plan your repayment schedule before approaching the lender. 

Apply for a Bajaj Housing Finance Home Loan Today 

This festive season enjoy the perks of borrowing from lenders like Bajaj Housing Finance Limited and make use of their low interest rates and sizeable loan sanctions of Rs. 5 Crore or higher. Now that you have all the information you need to apply for this festive offer, don’t wait any longer and make your home loan application today.

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