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Wednesday 1 December 2021

Bajaj Housing Finance Introduces Paperless And Instant Home Loan Approval

 A home loan is a necessity for people to get funds to get into the home of their dreams. 

But, the general perception about a home loan is that it is a lengthy process, and it keeps many prospective borrowers away from applying for it. 

What’s more, many people also assume that they have to arrange a bucket of documents for it. 

However, the time has changed for the good. Bajaj Housing Finance, a 100% subsidiary of Bajaj Finance Limited, recently introduced its home loan with a revamp. 

Yes, that makes a paperless home loan process possible with instant approvals. 

Read on and know more!

Features and benefits of Bajaj Housing Finance’s paperless home loans

Applicants applying for an online home loan with Bajaj Housing Finance are destined to avail of the below benefits. Have a look: 

  • Once you fill in the online home loan application form, you can get your digital sanction letter within 10 minutes if you are eligible. 

  • A lower home loan interest rate of 6.7% is available to help borrowers manage lower repayment costs. 

  • If you are ready a home loan customer and paying a higher interest rate, you can switch your loan to Bajaj Housing Finance under the balance transfer. This way, you can manage lower interest charges and pay reduced EMIs. A top up loan of up to Rs.1 crore is also available to meet any needs at a lower rate and a longer tenor. 

  • Applying for a Bajaj Housing Finance home loan means getting the loan amount disbursed in days from approval and verification. 

  • You also get to repay the paperless home loan within a longer tenor of up to 30 years. 

  • A considerable amount of up to Rs.5 crore is available to help you buy or build a home of your choice. 

You can apply online for a paperless home loan with Bajaj Housing Finance to get speedy loan approval.

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