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Wednesday 8 September 2021

Become a homeowner and get an Amazon gift voucher with the Bajaj Finance Limited Home Loan

Bajaj Housing Finance Limited (BHFL) recently announced an offer where applicants get a free Amazon Gift Voucher worth up to Rs.10,000 with every housing loan. This limited period offer is valid till 15th September, 2021 for all new customers who apply for a new home loan on the BHFL website and get it disbursed till 30th October, 2021. So apply now to get best offers by applying for home loan

Benefits of getting a home loan from Bajaj Housing Finance

The following are the various benefits you can get by taking a home loan from BHFL now.

  1. Lower rate of interest

With stagnant property prices in India, now is the best time to get an affordable home loan interest rate. BHFL offers low-interest rates on home loans. 

  1.   Repay your housing loan with ease

BHFL offers applicants a flexible repayment tenor of up to 30 years to match their financial capacity. You can plan your finances for the feature with a home loan EMI calculator in India to make the repayment even easier.

  1. Get necessary funds easily

With features like doorstep documentation and a seamless online application process, anyone can apply for a loan faster. 

  1. Transfer your loan to enjoy attractive rates

With a housing loan balance transfer, you can take advantage of the current low-interest rates. With this, you can transfer the remaining loan amount from your existing lender to enjoy better rates and charges.

  1. Additional facilities like part-prepayment and foreclosure

You can pay off your loan before the scheduled tenor with the foreclosure facility without paying extra charges. With part-prepayment, you can partially pay off your liability and lower the EMI.

BHFL offers various benefits for home loans, so you don’t have to wait for new offers to buy your dream home. However, make sure to plan your future finances and do adequate research before taking a loan.

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