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Friday 9 July 2021

Reason Why the borrower may be Denied For a Home Loan

home loan eligibility criteria

One of the most critical financial decisions everyone makes in their life is to buy a house. A home loan might enable the borrower to achieve their ambition of owning a house. However, when it comes to home loan applications, not everyone receives approval due to prerequisites of home loan eligibility. To become loan-ready, a person must fulfil the lender’s home loan eligibility criteria and other requirements. A home loan is an essential loan as it involves a considerable amount, and the tenor might continue for more than two decades. Therefore, one must take all necessary steps to avoid being denied a home loan. 

A home loan may be denied if the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio is too high. When a person’s debt to income ratio is high, it means they’re spending a significant part of their income on repaying debts. As a result, if they are offered another loan, one or both of them may decline it and default. As a result, home loan applications may be rejected.

If the individual selected as a guarantor is a defaulter, it might lead to the house loan being declined. As a result, if the guarantor defaults, the case should be pursued. Also, if anyone is a guarantor for a home loan, be sure they don’t default on their payments.

When apply for a home loan with a bank, the lender will also request the past two years of tax returns (ITRs). If they aren’t satisfied, they may request further documentation. The bank may reject home loan applications if borrowers’ records are incorrect. This signifies that home loan eligibility may not meet the lender’s standards.

As the borrowers are now aware of the factors that may cause a home loan application to be denied, the borrower can easily avoid them and receive approval quickly.

Including a guarantor or co-applicant on a housing finance application might help get a loan. Non-banking financing organisations, in comparison to banks, may have less stringent regulations for determining an applicant’s home loan eligibility. As a result, if borrowers believe a traditional bank would reject the request, one should contact them. They may charge a higher interest rate in exchange for the loan request, but they may approve it. It might just help a family in purchasing the home of their dreams. If it meets the requirements for a home loan, the application may be approved without delay. This is how one may prevent being turned down for a home loan.

There are numerous Housing Finance Companies in India that provide the most reasonable home loan rates, making life easier and less stressful for the borrower. All the loan aspirant needs to do is stay clear of any factors that may cause a rejection of the loan application.

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