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Saturday 31 July 2021

Know How to correct mistakes on your CIBIL Report


Did you recently check your CIBIL score and found it poor? Did that give you a shock because you have always paid your outstanding dues on time? 

If yes, it may be because of some errors on your credit report. It is where the CIBIL report correction comes into the frame. 

Let’s know about the CIBIL dispute resolution process in this quick post!

Here’s how you can go ahead with CIBIL report correction procedure

Before going ahead with the CIBIL dispute resolution process, you will need to access your credit report. In the CIBIL report, you will have to look for errors. You can begin by checking out your credit account status and see if they are settled or open. You should also check all personal and financial information. In turn, it may help you to scrutinize entries that are not correct. Once you have got hold of errors, you can now go ahead with the CIBIL report correction method: 

  1. The first step is to land on the official website of CIBIL. 

  2. Now, go to the dispute resolution section and fill up the CIBIL online dispute resolution form. 

  3. Now, you will have to mention all the CIBIL report corrections that need to be done. 

  4. You will need to submit basic documents, along with the form, to authenticate your claims. 

  5. Once you have reported the mistakes, you ought to wait for verification. Generally, the turnaround time for the resolution of your disputes is 30 days. 

  6. Once done, a new credit report gets generated. The time of resolution may increase on the basis of your complaints. 

After issues are resolved, you may see that your credit report has also increased, helping you apply for the next loan confidently. 

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