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Sunday 29 November 2020

Know The Benefits Of Getting A Digital Personal Loan


Personal loans can simplify your spending needs, especially when you are facing financial hurdles. The hassle-free financing option can help you meet various liabilities, without putting excessive strain on your finances. 

Additionally, some lenders today offer digital personal loans to increase accessibility of these advances. For instance, you can avail a Bajaj Finserv Digital Personal Loan against simple eligibility and document requirements.

Here are some benefits of such a financial product – 

  1. Instant approvals

Online loan applications are more convenient, allowing borrowers an access to emergency funds almost instantaneously. When you apply through a lender’s website or mobile application, your application is assessed in real-time, thereby enabling quicker approvals and disbursals. 

  1. Funding for big-ticket expenses

A personal loan is generally valued up to Rs.25 lakh. Such a significant amount should be sufficient to deal with most emergency funds or unplanned expenses, such as medical emergencies or others.

  1. No hidden charges

An online platform for availing such loans allows borrowers to check all terms and conditions, which are generally listed clearly. Thus, the risk of availing loans without being aware of additional expenses or charges is minimal in such cases. 

  1. No or minimum paperwork involved

The likes of Bajaj Finserv Digital Personal Loan come with pre-approved personal loan offers. Existing customers availing this offer do not need to submit any additional document to apply for the loan. These offers cut down loan application time drastically, allowing borrowers convenient access to funds.

  1. No collateral requirements

You do not have to collateralise an asset to acquire such credit. It can not only ease the financial burden on a borrower but also accelerate the lending process significantly. Also, the lack of collaterals ensures a simpler documentation process.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of availing a personal loan online is the convenience. You do not need to visit the lender’s brand in person to qualify for such a credit, thanks to these digital platforms.

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