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Monday 25 November 2019

4 Ways to Apply For a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan

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Personal loans are the ‘go-to’ finance facility when you have urgent and extra expenses cropping up. You may have to pay for an upcoming wedding, medical emergencies, debt consolidation, home renovations, business expansions and more. 

For all, you can now apply for a Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan facility and cover all needs inside out. Read on if you want to discover easy ways to apply for the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan. 

What is the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan facility? 

The Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan is provided by Bajaj Finserv, one of the leaders in the non-banking finance companies (NBFCs). If you have the required loan eligibility, then you can borrow an amount up to Rs.25 lakh at affordable rates to fulfil your needs. The Bajaj Finserv Personal Loans come with flexible tenors of up to 60 months. The standard loan eligibility includes: 
  1. Your age should be under 23-55 years 
  2. You must be a resident Indian citizen 
  3. You should be employed with an MNC, private or a public limited company 

Here’s how you can apply for the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan 

1. Provide the lender with your accurate details 

When you apply for a personal loan online, you land on a different page where you need to fill a form. Here, you need to enter your details related to your personal, financial, and employment profiles. You need to abide by the personal loan eligibility of the lender like age, minimum salary as per your city of residence and more. You should ensure that your provided details are correct. If not, then your chances of loan rejection may increase. 

2. Choose the desired loan amount and tenor 

The next step towards getting the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan is filling the required loan amount and the repayment tenor to get quick online approval. You can also use the online loan calculator if you are not sure what EMI you need to pay and which tenor to go for. 

3. Submit the documents required for the personal loan 

Once you have followed the discussed steps, the next step is furnishing and submitting your required loan documents to the representative of Bajaj Finserv. You can access the doorstep service provided by the lender and sit back and relax. Personal loans are collateral-free and hence, you will need to submit basic documents, such as:  

 - KYC documents
 - Employee ID card
 - Last 2 month’s salary slips
 - Previous 3 month’s bank account statement of the salaried account

The lender may ask you for additional documents if the discussed documents are unable to prove your candidature or creditworthiness. 

4. Enjoy hassle-free approval and money disbursal 

Once the documents are verified and after you have the final approval, then your desired Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan amount will be credited into the bank account within 24 hours. 

You are now aware of the easy and quick steps that can help you follow to apply for the Bajaj Finserv Personal Loan facility online. Based on your loan eligibility, you can match your needs without issues. If you are ready, then you can start applying for it online right away. 

Bajaj Finserv also presents you attractive pre-approved offers on many financial products such as personal loans, home loans, business loans, EMI finance and more. Such offers can help you simplify your loan procedures and make it super fast. You only need to do is share your basic details such as your name and contact number to check out your pre-approved loan deals right away.

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