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Friday 11 October 2019

How Can You Fit The Personal Loan Eligibility Criteria Set by Financial Institutions?

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Needs and desires have no bounds, hence we are driven to fulfill them every single day of our lives. But one cannot fulfill one’s needs and desires without paying for them. Sometimes, these needs might involve a huge cost. This can get difficult to pay if one lacks financial backup and savings.

It is not ideal to spend all your savings over a financial emergency, as spending all of it can put you in huge debt. To avoid such a situation, borrowing a loan is any day a good option to stick with. As there is a constant price hike in the market, you might need financial help to afford your needs and fulfill your desires.

As loans are a good option with which to finance your needs, opting for an instant personal loan can help you monetize your needs with ease. Lenders generally don’t monitor the usage of personal loan funds, which then get convenient for borrowers to allocate the personal loan according to their needs. You can either fund your world tour or send your child for a higher education degree or even buy a car; the lender won’t restrict you on how you should use your personal loan funds.

Applying for a personal loan is not that difficult. There are two options one can opt for while applying for a personal loan; you can either apply for a personal loan online or can walk to the lenders and complete the loan application process. Applying for a personal loan online can save you a lot of time as well as the process is more convenient. After sending in your online application for a personal loan, the lender might take about 24 to 72hrs for the application to get processed.

It is not compulsory that your loan application might get approved, as there are also times when your loan application can face rejection. There can be many reasons why your lender might not consider you eligible for a personal loan and can reject your application.

Factors that determine your personal loan eligibility: 

Credit Score: 

While you must check personal loan interest rates before applying, it is also important that you check your credit score as well. If you are unaware of the fact, then it is important that you know about how your credit score affects the personal loans. There are many lenders who often check your credit score before approving your personal loan application. Having a bad credit score can get your application rejected or can have a slow processing if you have applied to the banks. Whereas, a good credit score can help your loan application get processed faster. In case if you are applying to an NBFC, then it is essential to know that they are flexible in terms of credit score. Thus, credit score plays a vital role while determining your personal loan eligibility.


Your eligibility criteria for a personal loan is also determined on the basis of your personal loan documentation. In case you have submitted incomplete documents to the lender, then there are chances that your personal loan application might get rejected. It is essential that you check your documents before submitting them to the lender. Documents play a very important role in your loan application process. Thus, rechecking the documents before submitting them to the lender will save you from personal loan rejection.


When it comes to monetary decisions, income is the first thing that is considered. One of the main reasons why your lender might not consider you eligible for a personal loan can be your monthly income. Having a high income will help you in getting your loan application approved and vice versa. In case if you have a low income you can opt for a joint personal loan.

These are some factors that can affect your eligibility criteria for personal loans. It is essential that you check these factors before applying, in order to get you loan application approved.
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