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Thursday 14 March 2019

Top Mistakes Physicians Must Avoid When Opting for Doctor Loans

According to the National Health Profile, 2018 published by the Central Bureau of Health Intelligence, there are around 1 lakh registered doctors in India. That puts the doctor-citizen ratio to 1:1,000.

Doctors in this country treat some of the most fatal diseases like:

Neonatal disorders
Ischemic heart disease
Lower respiratory infect
Diabetes, and more.

They tend to attend to long queues of patients for almost 12 hours a day; some even more for longer hours. This is why lenders have now come up with what are known as doctor loans which can help them meet their professional as well as personal needs.

 However, every applicant for such loans must remember some points which must be avoided at all costs, a few of which of which are as follows -


You should always apply for a loan amount which is in tandem with your needs. This is because very high loan amounts which are more than what is needed usually tend to get rejected by the lender. To be on the safer side, you can also make use of the loan eligibility calculator using which you can check the amount for which you are eligible.


When applying for any kind of loan be it doctors loans or otherwise, you must always check the documents which are required for the purpose of verification and ensure that they have already been arranged beforehand. This is because when the lender asks for documents and you do not have them ready, then it can become grounds for your loan application getting rejected.

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