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Thursday 6 December 2018

All About Finance For Physicians

Being into the medical field is not an easy lifestyle to maintain. Mostly when your stay occupied most of the day leaving little or no room for other activities or even for yourself. This could be one of the reason why physicians need help to plan their finances.

They need to either hire someone or approach a financial advisor to help them make the best use of their hard earned money.

There might be times when doctors or physicians are in need for immediate funds. In such a case they can approach leading lenders such as NBFCs who offer high value physician loan to practicing doctors.

This is a suite of four loans namely - home loan, personal loan, business loan and loan against property. A mix of secured and unsecured loan which can be easily acquired online with minimum paperwork.

The loan can be used to manage wedding expenses, fund vacation, increase working capital of the firm, upgrade to latest medical technology, purchase a home, consolidate existing debts and much more.

However, in order to acquire a preferred loan amount applicants must ensure that they the eligibility criteria of the lender. They must also have the required paperwork such as identity proofs, bank statements, educational certificates etc. to avail the loan.

Eligible applicants can get a maximum amount of Rs. 30 lakhs on the loan at an affordable rate of interest and flexible repayment tenure. The loan can be easily maintained online. This lets doctors to track it from anywhere, at anywhere.

To know more about the facility for physicians, click here: Why do Doctors Need Help With Finances? 

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