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Friday 16 November 2018

Should You Buy Medical Equipment for Your Healthcare Facility?

Technology, starting from the invention of the light bulb by Thomas A. Edison to the discovery of X-Rays by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen; has helped in the betterment of human life. Even today, the various health care facilities leverage the offerings of technology to improve their life-saving services.

Healthcare facilities, private clinics or even hospitals will cease to exist without essential medical equipment. Therefore, coming back to the question of whether you should buy new medical equipment for your clinic or not, the answer is YES. A definite YES.

But, should you use your working capital for purchasing the medical equipment? The answer is NO! Using your cash reserve can affect the working of your health care facility, and thus, it would be wise to apply for a doctor loan/ medical equipment loan for the purpose.

A medical equipment loan is available for all salaried and self-employed doctors who want to start their own clinic or already have an existing one. They can use the money for multiple reasons including buying the essential medical equipment.

How will a medical equipment loan help your medical facility?

While there is no denying the cost of buying new medical equipment is quite high, but the practices can flourish by performing twice as much (or even more) procedures and diagnoses than what the outdated machinery could. Hence, investing in medical equipment isn’t a bad deal. But make sure you have a fitting repayment plan in place and a good CIBIL score along with it. 

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