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Thursday 22 November 2018

How Personal Loans Can Help Government Employees with their Financial Needs

The earnings of a government employee are fixed. However, they too are subject to the same financial constraints and emergencies as other individuals. These can include unexpected travel emergencies, travel or wedding expenses, and educational expenses which can greatly drain the savings of an employee. In such a case, a financial loan can offer one of the best ways of cushioning such expenses especially when they arrive on a short notice. 

Let us now learn more about it 

Personal loans give access to large amounts of funds to government employees on a very short notice. Additionally, given the competition among the lenders including NBFCs, most of them offer personal loans for govt employees at very competitive interest rates at comfortable tenors so that paying the installments doesn’t end up becoming a burden. The documentation required is minimal and includes KYC documents salary slips, and bank account statements. This entire process is online which makes it highly convenient. Once the eligibility criteria have been meeting and the documents submitted, the loan is disbursed very quickly.

Depending on the nature of their needs, government employees can look forward to loans of up to Rs. 25 lakhs. They can also avail the benefits of a flexi-personal loan, which gives one the liberty of paying just the interest as EMI during the initial phase of the tenor which can reduce the EMI amount by as much as 45%. 

A personal loan is an unsecured loan. This means that it does not require a collateral and thus the applicant does not have to pledge any asset as security. This makes personal loans ideal for those individuals who have recently become government employees. 

Thus, if you are a government employee and looking for a personal loan, then you must search for the best lender available in the market and opt for a personal loan.

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