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Thursday 29 November 2018

Loan for Professionals: Different Ways to Leverage the Benefits

The professional loan category has gained immense popularity amongst professionals like doctors, engineers, and Chartered Accountants. This scheme provides the applying professionals with access to customized benefits like higher loan borrowing limit, profession-specific eligibility criterions, and flexibility.

Some of these schemes come with end-usage flexibility which means the borrower, once the money is disbursed into the account, can use it for anything and everything.   

Having said that, in order to make optimum use of professional loan credit schemes, it’s better if you know the various ways the loan can be used.

Purchasing new medical equipment and machinery

First but the best way to use the borrowed capital is towards the purchase of medical equipment. You can, given the importance of technology in daily lives, can use the money to upgrade, or install brand new equipment in your clinic.

Consolidating existing debts

The second best way to use the loan amount is towards debt consolidation. You can settle all your existing debts and combine them into one so as to avoid missing the EMIs and lowering down the interest payable.

Managing working capital

Lastly, given the considerable share the working capital has in the growth of a business, the borrowed capital can also be used to manage your clinic’s working capital.

Bottom line: To make all this possible, you have to obtain the loan first. But, that shouldn’t compel you to make a decision in haste - wait for the right time, find out the right loan, gauge the credibility of the lender and then apply for the loan.

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