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Wednesday 28 November 2018

How To Better Utilize Your Travel Loan?

Traveling is a shared passion of the millennial generation. They travel to explore, to learn, to rejuvenate and simply to stay connected with the world around them. Keeping with the changing lifestyle needs of its customers leading lenders such as NBFCs offers high-value Travel Loan to explore the World.

This is an easy finance option which can be used to cater to several of your financial obligations such as managing travel as lenders do not scrutinize the usage of the loan. Besides, upon meeting the eligibility criteria you can avail high-value loan at an affordable rate of interest and flexible repayment tenure of 12 to 60 months. 

You can use the travel loan to - 

  • Travel to the exotic destination both nationally and internationally.
  • You can keep more funds for shopping 
  • Book the preferred lodging and pamper with the best of food choices available
  • You can either plan a solo trip or travel in a group 
  •  With adequate funds in hand, you can plan your activities in advance or events which you might want to attend during the trip
  • You can take up interesting courses or attend workshops to enhance your learning and to experience a new culture
  • You can build an emergency fund. This will especially help in case you plan to travel alone. 

Features and Benefits of Personal Loan for Travel 

  • You can easily apply for the loan online with minimum paperwork. Upon verification, you enjoy instant approval and quick disbursement as per the lender’s criteria and individual profile of the lender. 
  • The lender provides the Flexi loan facility. This is a unique feature which lets you borrow as per your travel needs and repay up to 45% lower, interest only EMIs. 

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