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Friday 14 September 2018

Why Personal Loan for Higher Education?

As parents’ we would always want the best for our child. No matter who you are and how strong your finances are, you would always want the best quality of education for your child. And in that pursuit of happiness for our offsprings, the last thing we consider is the cost. This is where we lack. As parents, you are expected to, and it is even suggested to, plan the higher education of your child in a practical manner. Take the important things into consideration: the present education inflation rate, the annual growth rate, and your annual savings.

The present education inflation rate and the annual growth rate will help you forecast the future cost. On the other hand, your annual savings would tell you if you are saving enough. When you get the answer to both the dilemmas; you’ll have to make an important decision: whether to or not to take a Personal Loan for Higher Education of your child.

Considering the three factors mentioned above; you are likely to need it. So, it would be sensible to take a look at the different personal loan for education schemes, check out the eligibility criteria, and gauge your eligibility in advance.

Why personal loan for higher education?
  • Instant approval.
  • Easy-to-meet eligibility criterions. 
  • High borrowing limit.
  • Wider repayment tenor. 
  • Lower interest rates.  
On a concluding note, you are definitely going to need the loan. Hence, prepare in advance and keep a track of your credit score. Make sure it’s above the standard 750 at any given point in time.

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