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Wednesday 19 September 2018

Keep Your Construction Site Safe With These Tips

One of the most dangerous sites in the world is construction sites. The machinery and tools range from the smallest to the largest, and since the site is not yet sturdy, the chances of an accident are always high.

If you are an engineer, working on a site and worried about the safety features, here are some useful tips:

Prepare a chart for the entire workflow  - It should be the duty of the supervisors to ensure every member of the crew follows the chart. Drill into them how it can be the difference between life and death.

Make use of ergonomic machinery -  Keep in mind, most of your workers will be standing for long periods of time or will need to manoeuvre the heavy machinery to get tasks completed to perfection. You require ergonomic machinery to prevent shock and stress-related critical injuries.

Use tools designed for safety - Even the smallest nail, hammer and the biggest forklifts, have to offer safety to the workers. Invest in technology that meets compliance standards. Get an engineer loan to meet the demand for new technology.

Give them sufficient rest and breaks - Several kinds of research has shown the negative impact on workers who work without breaks or rest. Your workers are handling dangerous equipment; you need them fresh and alert every second they are on the site. Hence, insist on proper breaks and rests.

Teach, train and repeat - The workers, also have to be taught essential safety protocols for using tools to prevent avoidable accidents. You need to show them how to use the tools or follow safety protocols, train them to respond quickly and keep repeating the training so that they can prevent an accident or know what they need to do in case there is an accident.

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