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Wednesday 22 August 2018

Home Loan For CA: The Prerequisites To Follow

The ultimate decision of buying a home comes after considerable thought. On one hand, owning your dream house is a matter of pride. On the other hand, it’s an invitation to a plethora of emotional and financial stress. And, being a CA yourself, you know it better than anyone of us do. However, your profession isn’t going to help. You have to follow the home-buying prerequisite like other individuals do and draft a plan of action. This is to ensure a simple and smooth time before and while purchasing the house. What all can you do? Read on to find out.

Find a legitimate property:
These days we have the RERA list which has simplified the process of home-buying, maybe not for all but definitely for people planning to take a home loan for the task. RERA list is a list of the verified builders, real-estate companies, and dealers from across India. If the builder of the property you are planning to buy is in the list, availing assistance from home loan for CA will be an easy-peasy task for you. 

Home Loan for CA - Bajaj Finserv

Find a good scheme: Finding a good scheme takes time but it makes your life easy. Find a good scheme that fits your bill: allows you to borrow the exact amount you need, comes with a long repayment tenor option, and the same is offered at a low interest rate. Being a CA you will decide between the regular home loan scheme and the highly beneficial and customized home loan for CA scheme. It won’t be difficult because the answer is pretty obvious. But the end decision is completely yours.

Ensure eligibility: Last but not the least, check the CA loan eligibility criterions and make sure you can qualify all the terms and conditions. Also, keep your CIBIL score, credit history, and debt-burden ratio in a good state.

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