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Friday 3 August 2018

Tips on Using Your Credit Card to Stay on Budget

Almost all of us know about a credit card and how it can be used. Yet, whenever we plan on to use our credit card; the possibilities of falling into a financial pitfall holds us back. Not just that, some people fear they will lose their self-control and end up in a financial crunch. Against all the above-said misconceptions or myths, the truth still stands tall: having a credit card like Bajaj Finserv-RBL SuperCard has numerous benefits if it’s used in the right manner.
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A credit card can be used to stay on budget. You can benefit from the 30 days interest-free repayment time. You can withdraw the required the required amount from your credit card and repay it within the interest-free time period without paying any extra charges as interest. How?

List your Expenses: Whether you are working on your budget for the first time or you have been doing it for ages, it's a good habit to list down all the expenses. Form a chart which includes the cost as well. Divide your needs into 'absolutely essential' and 'manageable'. This will help you attain the required clarity about where and how much you should spend using your credit card.

Ask yourself, can you payback without any issue? You know the shortfall in your budget, the next big task is an evaluation. Ask yourself the question, can you pay back in full and on time? If yes, proceed further and swipe your card without a second thought.

Payback as soon as you get the chance: Lastly, in order to avoid the penalty, pay back your credit card outstanding balance as soon as you get the chance. (before the due date)

On a concluding note, using the credit card in the right manner (taking credits and paying the outstanding balance promptly) can help you build up your credit score and future loan eligibility.
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