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Friday 17 August 2018

Get The Best Loan For Your Dental Practice

Cavities and other dental problems seem to be the most chronic of issues we are faced since childhood. Dentists specialize in treating in such conditions from routine to extremely complex to ensure good dental health for their patients. 

With rapidly changing lifestyles the demand for dentists have also risen. If you are a practicing dentist you would have to be at par with your competition to stay relevant. You can take up higher studies, attend workshops, conduct sessions etc. to improve your skills. 

As far as business is concerned you can work out your budget to improve its working capital. One of the best ways of doing so is opting for dental practice loan for business purposes from experienced NBFCs. 

As this is a custom loan designed for doctors it will help you expand your business, upgrade to latest technology, hire new staff, lease bigger office premises, renovate your clinic, settle ongoing debts and accomplish much more.

But before you apply for the loan ponder over these questions.

Doctors Loan - Bajaj Finserv

Type of loan needed

When you qualify for the loan you may avail loan up to Rs. 35 lakhs for a flexible tenure of 12-96 months at affordable interest rate. Though, these terms will depend on the lender’s eligibility criteria and your individual application you must be aware of what you pitch for and what you recieve in the loan so it suffices your business needs. 

Repayment Plan

Have you saved for the repayment or planning to do so? NBFCs understand your cash needs and therefore offer the Flexi repayment facility. This is a unique feature which lets you use as per your requirement from the loan amount sanctioned. They charge interest on these daily withdrawals and it lowers your EMI by up to 45%. Take time to discuss such benefits with your Relationship Manager to better manage your loan.

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