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Wednesday 11 July 2018

Home Loan for Engineers at a Glance

Be it a salaried engineer or a self-employed engineer, all of them share a common dream like every other individual - owning a house of their own. The hope to realize this dream is what keeps every engineer along with every other individual motivated, and gives them the strength to overcome all the struggles they face in their daily life. However, the fact is, from a professional point of view an engineer is a bit different from other individuals - they earn well and their needs are obviously higher compared to other individuals. Owing to the high income and equally high expectations, a regular home loan might not be a fitting solution for engineers, and hence, there is a need for a better, engineer-customized home loan which is designed in accordance to their needs - a home loan for engineers.

Home Loan for Engineers - Bajaj Finserv

What is a home loan for engineers?

A home loan for engineers is nothing but an engineer loan wherein a self-employed or a salaried engineer can obtain up to Rs 15 lakh to finance the purchase of their house. An engineer loan can be used in different other ways owing to the end-usage flexibility like for funding business growth plan, paying for the home repair and renovation work, purchasing a property other than home, and for different other personal expenses etc. 

The benefits of home loan for engineers at a glance:

  1. Higher funds available
  2. Quick processing 
  3. Flexi loan facility 
  4. Wider and flexible repayment tenor 
  5. Availability of pre-approved offers
  6. Minimal documentation 
  7. Online account management. 

In the end, if you want a home loan for an engineer, you can apply for the same using the online application form available on the creditor’s website.

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