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Friday 20 July 2018

Doctor Loan - Types of Schemes You Must Know About

Doctors - when you say the word you automatically get filled with a ray of hope - that’s what doctors stand for - Hope. Given the type of work they do, they truly are doctors are next to god - shouldering the biggest responsibility in the world - preserving life. However, there’s a common man underneath every doctor’s apron who is prone to fall a victim to the daily life financial problems like every other individual. The only problem is, the generic credit schemes like home loan, personal loan, or even business loan for that matter; doesn’t fit the bill every time. This causes stress and tension at work, which, needless to say, is not good for people. Thus, there is a need for customized credit schemes that are easily accessible by doctors - finance for doctors,  which can help them get through the financial crisis they incur.

Doctor loan is a pre-customized professional credit scheme available for self-employed and salaried doctors. The attractive part of the scheme is the availability of multiple purpose based schemes which makes it even easier to take the right decision. Depending on the kind of requirement i.e the purpose of the loan, there are varied schemes offered under the Doctor loan category. Take a look below to know all of them. 

Types of Doctors loan on offer:

Business loan for doctors: Business loan for doctors is available for self-employed doctors to plan to pursue their own business - health care facility or start their own hospital.

Home loan for doctors: As evident from the name, this credit scheme is for doctors planning to purchase their own home.

Personal loan for doctors: Personal loan for doctors provides doctors with financial assistance to cover their personal financial urgencies.

Loan against a property for doctors: Loan against property serves the same purpose as that of personal loan, but the same is available against the value of the mortgaged collateral.

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