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Thursday 21 June 2018

Benefits of Getting a Business Loan From Bajaj Finserv In Indore

Indore is a commercial centre for services and goods, surrounded by major industrial areas. It is a budding hub of small and medium-size businesses flocking to it. Hence, it is a good time to take business loan in Indore to either start or expand your business.

Features of Business Loan from Bajaj Finserv


It allows you to save on your EMIs by firstly, letting you withdraw what you need, and secondly, by allowing you to repay only interest as EMIs. Here, interest is charged only on the amount withdrawn. You can pay off the principal at the end of the tenure. There are no repayment charges.

 Higher Loan Amount

No matter what your business need is (short-term, intermediate-term or long-term) maximum loan amount available is up to Rs. 30 lakh.

Pre-approved Offers

It runs pre-approved offers on a regular basis. You can avail a top-up amount or get a reduced interest rate on your business loan.

Online Account Management

Your loan account can be easily maintained online giving you access from anywhere, at anytime.

Customized Business Loan:

Working Capital Loan - avail collateral-free, working capital loan to maintain steady cash flow in your business
Machinery Loan - to install, upgrade new machinery or to purchase inventory in bulk
SME and MSME Loan - instant loan assistance to meet the business needs of small and medium-sized businesses
Business Loan for women - it provides loan up to Rs. 30 lakh to encourage and support women entrepreneurs

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