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Wednesday 30 May 2018

Bajaj Finserv Short-Term Business Loan at a Glance

Be it about business or about life, managing short-term financial goals is equally important as it is to save funds to meet the long-term financial goals. Considering the unspecified urgencies that may occur on a daily basis, companies are prone to suffer from a deficiency in their working capital, thus facing difficulties in managing their short-term financials. In such situations, a short-term business loan can be the angel in disguise, offering the required monetary assistance to prospects having the required loan eligibility. Having said that, when you plan to apply for short term business loan, make sure you choose a fitting scheme such as Bajaj Finserv short-term business loan. Doing so will entitle your business with many benefits including the ones mentioned below.

No collateral requirement: Short-term business funding schemes offered by Bajaj Finserv comes with “NO-COLLATERAL” facility. This means you can secure the required funding as a loan without even submitting any asset/collateral as security.

Quick approval and loan disbursal: The second good thing about Bajaj Finserv short-term business loan is, Bajaj takes the least time possible for loan approval, in between 24-48 hours. Once the loan is approved, the money is disbursed immediately in the account.

Higher borrowing limit: The lucrative part, the scheme offers a relatively higher borrowing limit to allow the borrowers avail more out of their loan.

Easy-to-meet eligibility criteria: The eligibility criteria is the real icing on the cake component of the business funding scheme. The eligibility criteria are feasible and very easy-to-meet.   


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